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Welcome to Shri Sahib Tech blog in this article you will get very valuable information about best fonts for Android device without rooting this will really help you in changing your android fonts and give a new look to your phone.

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              Methods for having best fonts for android

Words matter a lot. From text and mem to email, your language defines your character. But what about the characters that represent your words? Is it not clear that they should look great too? Yes, a bit!

Fonts look or break your phone. On a small screen, a huge font looks disgusting as a small font on the 6-inch screen. To make sure that your phone does not suffer from this kind of beauty episode, let’s learn how you can change the foot on your Android device without root.

There are two main ways to change your fonts and your choice of method depends on what phone you are using.

Phones that make it

There are some manufacturers who incorporate this optimization into their Android device. So, even if your stock Android does not change the font style, you can still calculate the system software on these selected phones. These include popular smartphone brands like HTC, LG, and Samsung.

The phones made by these manufacturers have a customizable setting under the display. To access it, go to Settings> Display> Font Vogue. From there, you should be able to modify the font vogue similar to the size.

This change occurs in an example when you do not reboot the device. The selected font style and size will then be reflected in the services of the phone interface including icons, menus, search bars and texts. Some Samsung phones enable you to transfer and install additional font designs from Google Play Store.

Rescue Launchers

Looking for the best settings for fonts on your humanoid device? Do not be afraid, my friends.

There are some easy launchers available on the Play Store that you can use to change the font without installing new themes.

Go Launcher

best fonts for android


One of the highest rated custom launchers for Android is the Go Launcher. With 4.5 ratings on Google Play Store and seven, 000,000 downloads, the app allows you to customize the home screen, widgets, wallpaper and more. This lets you beautify your phone with over 10,000 free themes. To change the font style of your phone with the Go Launcher, follow these steps.


best fonts for android


If you just want to see some good fonts on your Android by installing an app, then the iPhone should be your first choice. With this app, it is very easy to customize system fonts and your phone looks fresh with every change.

You can browse online tabs of iPhones to see the latest and attractive fonts for your Android. First of all, you need to enable installation from other sources in the settings. To enable installation of apps from unknown sources, go to your device Settings> Security and toggle options.

 Font Converter

best fonts for android


Customize the font vogue and the size of your phone to fulfill all your wishes to misbehave this terrible inspirational app. Not the alternative options, this app does not modify the system font of your phone, though allows handling completely different fonts written within the app and then copy into emails, text, status updates and stories in the text field is…

In the font changer, you can use emoji to express your feelings to your friends. As a result of Forum Area Unit Supported Unicode, you can use special fonts to spot special events and contacts as a result of derivative text resulting from a derivative text, supported by iOS, Windows, and Golem. This app works without the need to route it with any smartphone.

Final Words

This is the list of the tools that convert your font on your android device without rooting. Hope you like it and answer your question the best fonts for Android.

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