10 Best Sniper Games for Android 2019

Moving forward from the field of shooting games, the next action game you should watch is the sniper game! Sniper games in both PCs and Android are incredible.

But if you are thinking that what really are sniper games, then it includes a well-trained and highly skilled shooter (which is you), who tries to kill enemies or achieves its goal with long shots.

best sniper games for android

Does it Since the sniper game does not have the distance inability, so you get the power to zoom in every shot, which means that you are better to aim! But even if you are not perfect, who really cares, you are enjoying bullets, explosions and all the devastation!

So, if you are interested in becoming a superhit killer, an incredible sniper or a cool gun and Hitman with Hitman, then you are in the right place! Here we have listed 10 best sniper games for Android in 2019, in which you can shoot anyone with amazing levels, opponents and multiplayer options!

10 Best Sniper Games for Android Updated 2019:

 1.  Sniper 3D Gunster Shooter: This is a free Shooting Game – for FPS Android.

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter, as the name suggests, is a sniper game that has great gameplay, awesome scenery, and entertaining missions. But best it has 3D realistic graphics and cool animations! Now, to play the game, you first need to try to get the shot, which will help you complete the mission by making targets and firing whenever you want.

best sniper games for android

Once you practice, you can now play at different levels where you have to be faster than your enemies in order to successfully complete the mission. But a great sniper always has the best guns, so keep this in mind, unlock awesome weapons and upgrade them with the development in the arsenal.

Now, the goal of the game is simple, kill all the bad guys and bring the prisoners to safety, but you need an internet connection to do this because the game also works offline! So, download Sniper 3D Gun Shooter and see all your sniper in cool slow replays!

Main Features:

  • Realistic 3D graphics.
  • Cool animation
  • Tons of guns to choose from
  • Easy and intuitive control
  • free to play.

Download Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

2.  Sniper Fury: Top Shooting Games – FPS

Sniper Fury is a first-person shooter game where you have to play as one of the best snippers in the world. In the game, one needs to complete more than hundreds of different missions in a stunning environment.

best sniper games for android

Now, in some missions, you need your sniper rifle, others require you to use the assault rifle. So, it gives a good variety to your gameplay. Apart from this, the game has a multiplayer mode in which you can steal resources from other players and also create a strong shooter team.

Apart from this, there is also a CLANS facility in the game in which you can join the 3D sniper clan with other top sports players. So, download sniper rage and play one of the most amazing 3D sniper FPS shooting games.

Main Features:

  • 3D sniper graphics.
  • FPS firepower
  • PVP multiplayer battlefield.
  • Clans
  • Bullet Time.

Download Sniper Fury

3.  Modern Sniper

Take a whirlwind tour of the underworld and only play as a modern sniper in the modern sniper game. This is a first-person shooting game where your mission is to take part in dangerous attacks and silent killer missions.

best sniper games for android

Now to do this, aim and shoot at the crowd of enemies at the level of the road. Or take out your challenges and high profile goals. Also, do not worry about your weapons, the game offers a list of the sniper rifle and assault rifle, on which you will trust to fulfill your task!

Coming to the facilities, the game has more than 50 crime shooter missions, which are to complete with 3D realistic graphics, amazing places and much more. So, download the modern sniper and play this first-person shooter game that will blow your mind!

Main Features:

  • More than 50 chrome shooter missions.
  • 3D graphics.
  • 6 unique maps.
  • Amazing places
  • 7 different real-world weapons.

Download Modern Spiner

4.  Hitman Sniper

Step into Agent 47’s shoes and become the last assassin with the Hitman Sniper game. Now, in the game, you play as a professional sniper who wants to end high-profile goals. But how will you do it? Using unique and powerful rifles!

best sniper games for android

But, getting all the weapons is not easy, because you need to collect the weapon parts and complete the blueprints to unlock the most powerful guns. And keep in mind, a total of 16 terrible guns are waiting for you! Now, apart from all this, the game also has a bonus zombie survival facility where you can take non-stop action as a zombie hunter!

Besides, the game will always bend you because it has more than 150 missions to complete, so leaving your Android device is not an option. In all, the Hitman Sniper is a great game that you can play against your friends to get the first place in the leaderboard.

Main Features:

  • Strategic Mission
  • Survival challenge
  • More than 150 missions.
  • 10 different contracts.
  • 16 unique guns

Download Hitman Spiner

5.  Last Hope Sniper – Shooting Games FPS

Zombies, attackers and vicious deadly enemies wander around the world in barren lands, and you are the last hope of their existence. I believe that sniper is the first shooting game of a game where you play a sniper game that needs to save the world from the living dead!

best sniper games for android

Now, the mission of the game is to save the survivors and kill anyone coming in between. So, aim your target and fire your weapon to prove that you are the best sniper! Now, coming into the facilities, the game presents 150+ missions, but not so, new ones are added all the time! Now since the whole city is your battleground, the place is always changing and deadly!

But when the zombie apocalypse arrives, you need to be prepared and for this, do not forget to collect skill cards from a valuable box. So, download the Last Hope Sniper and play games even when the Internet is played, because the game works easily in offline mode too!

Main Features:

  • Immersive Story-Based Mission
  • Rich and elaborate atmosphere
  • An upgradeable zombie murder weapon
  • Kill Shot Camera
  • Offline game

Download Last Hope Spiner

6.  Sniper Arena: PVP Army Shooter

Sniper Arena is alive PvP game where the player needs to compete against other snippers around the world. In order to enjoy every fight in this major mobile experience, beat the other players and most important and climb to the leaderboard.

best sniper games for android

Now, the game has three different game modes, but in each one of them, you have to swipe, zoom and shoot to win! Control is easy but still, it all depends on the player’s skill. According to graphics, 3D graphics with a great sniper rifle become breathtaking, which are fantastic realistic and authentic.

For places of war, the game presents 4 great locations with authentic sniper firing positions, which are beautifully designed in terms of game logic and balance. Now, anyone can complete daily tasks to unlock any more items. So, associate with your friends and only create an invincible squad to defeat other players in the Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter Game.

Main Features:

  • 3D graphics.
  • Easy Control
  • Invincible Squad.
  • Free to play.
  • 4 Great War Sites

Download Spiner Arena

7.  Sniper X with Jason Statham

Sacked terrorists and miscreants say that the traditional power can not touch only with the Jason StateMame game in SIPP X. In this game, you play it as Sniper X, who make the team with action star Jason Statham to become the last weapon of the free world against the powers of terror and chaos!

best sniper games for android

Now, as Sniper X, you will take hundreds of military missions in an incredible 3D environment. Your mission in the game must be to eliminate enemy soldiers, officers, vehicles and even drones, whatever comes in your way. To do this, zoom in and slow down time with focus, which is made in every sniper rifle. Apart from this, you will get bonus cash and much more for the right shoot!

With which you can upgrade your weapons to a truly customized killing machine. So, kill the enemies in the most incredible way, download SNIPER X with Jason Statham in your own action movie and star in your own movie.

Main Features:

  • 3D environment
  • Easy and intuitive control
  • Unique Weapons
  • Pay attention.
  • Theatrical murder


8.  Cover Fire: Free Shooting Games

Cover Fire is a first-person shooting game where your mission is to lead a group of veterans through the areas taken by the siege cities, deserts and guerrillas, and defeat all the enemies. Now, this game can be easily played in both online and offline modes.

best sniper games for android

Talking about the offline mode, you will have enemy bots, in which you have to shoot them with your shooting sniper. Now, in online mode, you play as a real-time soldier, who wants to take down other killers in a non-profit fun adventure. Now, you can also install your own killer squad and win matches and unlock new epic guns.

To play the game, just press the screen, drag the trigger and shoot every evil guy. Coming to the facilities, the game offers challenging story modes where one needs to fight against TetraCorp and lead a hire raid on every mission, and many others. So, download the cover fire and eradicate all the enemies in this FPS war!

Main Features:

  • HD graphics.
  • Destructive environment
  • Online tournament mode.
  • Realistic guns
  • Offline missions

Download Cover Fire

9.  Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game

Sniper Strike is a first-person shooting game where you play as a sniper who experiences pitches in the battlefield in three gameplay modes and hundreds of missions. In this game, you team up with Wolf, Jackson and the rest of the strike force, because you target enmity and take down the evil elite order.

best sniper games for android

Now, you can play this game against your friends for the final battle to reach Leaderboard! Your mission in the game will be to wipe the evil commanders and their hen with amazing kill shots! Apart from this, not only against but also with one of his friends, the team can take the mission down and together to make the last clan.

So, download a sniper strike and scout through the immersive environment, combat the fire faster. And create the ultimate super-cop because you customize their cutting-edge gear!

Main Features:

  • Live sniper couple
  • Faster Challenges
  • Leaderboard
  • Combat PvP.
  • Three gameplay modes

Download Sniper Strike

10.  Contract Killer: Sniper

Contract Killer is a game where you believe in only one rule as a player and that is to respect the contract! In the game, you play as a master killer who is hired to infiltrate safe places and eliminate high-profile goals.

best sniper games for android

The game renders various contracts, where you need to choose the one which suits you the most and then it will be your sole purpose. Apart from this, there are 250+ missions in the game, which will definitely bow down to you in this thrilling sniper game! According to the weapons, those tasks are assigned, they can upgrade and complete it.

Now, in the last fight to become the unquestioned champion of PvP, the game can also be played against other players. So, download CONTRACT KILLER and take the overlooked from one place to another and go to the latest international contracts. As it is up to you to become the ultimate global killer!

Main Features:

  • More than 250 missions.
  • Choose your contract.
  • PVP domination.
  • Customizable Weapons
  • Many places.

Download Contract Killer

Final Words

So, in the year 2019, there are 10 best sniper games for Android that you can download and play without any hassle. Now, keeping in mind the likes of all, all the mentioned games can be played offline, online or even for most of the time!

In addition, there is definitely the best match of breathtaking graphics and snippers in the games that are listed, which you can get. Be it with the main thing in scenes, places, or a sniper game, weapons! So, pick your favorite game or even a game and get ready to play the ultimate fight to become the best sniper!

But before leaving, do not forget to share this article with your friends on social media. And, mention your thoughts in the comment box below.

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