How to Download FMWhatsApp APK 7.50 (Update 2018)

This is a blog of Shri Sahib Tech. In this blog, we will tell you how to download and complete information. Whenever WhatsApp mode comes, there are many options available and one such WhatsApp APK app is running for a long time and it is one of the best Whatsapp modes you can download.

FMWhatsApp APK

However, if you are thinking that “How To Download FMWhatsApp APK 7.50 Download” you can read better till the end. In today’s world Whatsapp is playing a very important role in our lives. By using this, we can talk to our friends and family members. Even there are so many people who use WhatsApp to run their business.

However, there is not a number of features in it, mentioning an important application. Therefore, many Android users took their step and switched to Whatsapp mode such as FMWhatsApp APk. But before we go ahead and share the download link, we give you a quick introduction to Whatsapp FM APK.

What is FMWhatsApp APK?

The FMWhatsApp APK is that we have put the best electronic messaging app on our smartphone. It has a square measure on billions of users. Even today around the world, almost everyone is addicted to WhatsApp. However, due to being one of the most popular apps, it does not have many features. We have also shared YO WhatsApp for Android.

FMWhatsApp APK

There is no security setting in it, you can add people to a limited number in only one group and so on. Therefore, as a result, there are many users who do not like to use the official Whatsapp version.

Thanks to the Whatsapp mode crowd, such as the FMWhatsApp APK which provides many features.
Whatsapp Mod is an edited version of Whatsapp. On this app, you will lack all the features of Whatsapp. But the question is how far is the comparison of the FM Whatsapp app to the official Whatsapp messenger. Well, go through this roundup feature so you will understand it.

Highest features of the FMWhatsApp APK

App Lock:

FMWhatsApp APK


  • As we have mentioned, there is a lack of fundamental security features in the official Whatsapp, but this is not the case with FMWhatsapp APK.¬†Instead, this app lock lets you use it to lock this app.
  • The FMWhatsApp APK also supports them like lock system like fingerprint, pattern and pin. Therefore, as a result, to protect your WhatsApp Messenger, there is no need to download an additional Android app because you will be able to do this easily.

Privacy Features:

FMWhatsApp APK


  • Another feature of Whatsapp’s lack of privacy is privacy. There are so many users who do not want to show their online status. But hide them on Whatsapp is still impossible.
  • But thanks to FMWhatsApp APK because it provides a set of privacy features. By using them, you will be able to hide your online status, single tickled tick, recordings and typing status.

Call Filter:

FMWhatsApp APK


  • The call filter is a great thing of the FMWhatsApp APK, which can be a very big problem, which is how many calls we get from random numbers at all speeds.
  • However, with the help of this app. You will be able to filter from contacts who have the right to call WhatsApp on WhatsApp.

Pin Chat:

FMWhatsApp APK

  • Whatsapp lets you pin only 3 chats, whereas, on the other hand, you can easily pin 100 chats using FMWA APK.
  • This is an important feature for all business owners or people who have a lot of contacts. Just as they can easily pinpoint their important chats at the top and easily access them.

Media Sharing:

FMWhatsApp APK


  • Media sharing is another important feature that is going to love most. If you’ve ever shared the media file on what safe So we are sure that you will know that there is a limit of 16 MB for sharing media on WhatsAppSet>
  • But what happens when you want to share large files? In such cases, the FMWhatsApp APK is indeed an easy way. Using this, you may be able to share 700 MB size media files without any issue, in addition, you may be able to send different types of file formats such as DOC, APK RAR, PDF and Similarly.

Great Themes:

FMWhatsApp APK

  • One more thing to make FMWhatsApp APK famous is the theme. It offers a variety of amazing themes that completely change the experience and format of the app.

Group Settings:

FMWhatsApp APK

  • The FMWhatsApp APK also comes with several types of group settings such as you will be able to change colors for each group. You will be able to increase the number of users in a group. Also, there is a group with a name search setting.
  • In addition to these settings, there are lots of features available in the app. So you better go over it and use it.

Bunch of customization options:

FMWhatsApp APK

  • In the end, FMWhatsapp APK comes with a hell customization option. After using them, you will be able to change and feel. You will be able to change this app logo, tick icon background, and more.
  • So this was a group of features that they are offering. Besides, I’m sure you understand how FMWhatsApp APK is different from Whatsapp.


How to install FMWhatsApp APK on Android?

Anyway, now we talk about our main question “How to install FMWhatsApp APK on Android”. But before that let’s move forward and enable app installation with the unknown source option.


FMWhatsApp APK


  • First of all, go to Settings.
  • Then click on additional settings.
  • Now go to the privacy menu.
  • You will find “Unknown sources allow installation of apps” here, just have to enable it.
  • That’s it, and now you’re ready to install the FM Whatsapp app. Just proceed and follow these steps.

Phase 1:

To get the APK file first, click on the download button above.

Phase 2:

FMWhatsApp APK

After installing it, tap it to tap the app.

step 3:

FMWhatsApp APK

Now you will see an install button, just tap on it. Wait a little longer now and install the app to your device.

step 4:

FMWhatsApp APK

Once installed, you will get an Open button. Tap on the application to start the case.

“Now you can enjoy Whatsapp FM on your smartphone. The best part of the app is that you do not need to root the Android device to use the app. You can use the app with another WhatsApp mode This means that you eat four whatsapp on three or one devices.


Well, all this was for “Download and install FMWhatsApp APK“. Well, using the FM Whatsapp app is also a super easy task. You can use it with the official Whatsapp app or you can remove WhatsApp and use FMWhatsApp mod as your default whatsApp messenger.
But if you want to switch it permanently, make sure that you have installed the app before, and then restored it to WhatsApp Messenger.

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