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These days, in our computer arsenal, a virtual network has become an essential security tool. Some people are trying to track your internet movements and hack into your personal and online data.

A VPN can be a useful way to stop the eyes from yourself. Well, despite making sure that a VPN works, when you surf the net, all the site visitors you receive have to face with a random IP through a remote server.

VPN helps hide your actual IP address and your ISP. The security of your IP address on the Internet ensures that your privacy is safe online and no one can track your exact location.

What is a Nord VPN?

nord vpn

Currently, nordvpn is one of the leading VPN service providers that will come to the Internet. The organization is out of Panama and has a network of remote servers installed around the world.

nord vpn helps ensure that your real IP address is always hidden from the websites you can track and people are trying to hack your data.

How is Nord VPN useful?


nord vpn

As mentioned above, nord vpn is one of the best rated VPN services available on the Internet. Currently, more than 1,000 different remote servers are located in more than 58 countries around the world.

In most major countries around the world, many servers like the United States have been installed, which is home to around 300 servers. Several other dozen servers have been established to provide you with random IP address in other modern countries like United Kingdom, Germany and France.

All these servers are specially optimized for doing primary tasks. These services can be included on one or more of the major features provided by nord vpn to ensure your safety over the Internet.

Installing and Using nord vpn


The process of registering and installing nord vpn on your desktop is simple. All you have to do is go to your website and choose a plan according to the features and requirements you provide.

Once you register on your website. You will get an active username and password that will help you make full use of the nord vpn features. After registering, you will transfer and install the nordvpn desktop app on your device.

The app is easy to use and understand. After opening the app. You can see a mini-world map with manufacturers in some countries. They represent markers international places, within which Nordvpn has established their thanks for the server.

You can choose any server you want based on your needs. You can also switch to the server list by selecting the option in the upper-left corner of your screen, where these servers sort out the capabilities and features provided by these servers.

Features of Nord VPN

Below is a list of important features that nordvpn offers to its customers. Nord VPN has a large list of features.

A large number of dedicated servers


nord vpn

As mentioned above, currently there are over 1000 different servers spread across the world in the nord vpn. These servers are especially dedicated to working solo for you. You can choose to connect to any of these servers based on your needs

Protect Your Identity Online


nord vpn

The primary way to use VPN is to ensure that your actual IP address is always hidden from the websites that can track your location to collect data about you.

Unlimited P2P Network


nord vpn

An important restriction about using VPN was the ability to transfer data to P2P networks. Most VPN on the Internet today do not allow you to transmit data beyond the allowed limit on P2P networks.

However, there is no such limit in nord vpn. You can move any file and data on your network.

NetFlix is always available


nord vpn

Many people have complained about the unavailability of Netflix outside the United States because the service is not available outside the US.

In addition, another VPN provider was able to bypass its filter to consistently show Netflix outside the US. It is in any way managed to find a way behind its filter to provide high quality Netflix content for its users.

Dedicated IP Address


nord vpn

Nord vpn, also provides its clients with the option of receiving dedicated IP addresses from remote servers. Generally, when you are connected to the nord vpn server, you will get a random IP address on that server.

This wrong IP deal will be extraordinarily exceptional, but now you can choose to face a committed IP so that you always hide your original IP deal when you decide to surf online.

How much does NordVPN spend?



nord vpn

On the offset, nord vpn sees a slightly smaller amount than the different VPN services, however, keeping in mind the variety of account performance, it looks like a deal.


The threat of cyber attack is increasing day by day, people who are looking to take advantage of other people’s online data. Due to online dangers, it is important to ensure your safety online.

A high quality VPN service has been installed on your device such as nord vpn, you can prevent people and websites from tracking your movements online. Nord vpn ensures that you keep the real eyes comfortable with good eyes and make sure that no character can be able to track the area surrounding your geographic area.

You can choose to purchase any of the 3 budget plans in monthly, semi-annual or yearly form as your subscription pack. They start at a lower price of $ 5.75 per month and provide you all the work described above.

In addition, you will have access to the available smartphone apps for both Android and iOS, which is a platform that ensures that your privacy is kept on your smartphone.

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