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Android phones come with a lot of changes and customization. However, there are some things you can not convert to Stock ROM on your smartphone.

Even custom ROMs do not provide you with a full customization and tweak the feature. Therefore, to solve this, XDA’s senior developer has created you to customize and tweak many features and settings on your Android phone. But there are so many modules to choose from, and not every module is right.

That’s why we chose 20 Bands xposed modules download Framework for Android. But before moving ahead, let’s see what the expo framework is, if you already know this, then you can leave it. Also, check the GB Whatsapp for Android.

What is Xposed Module Download

Xposed Module Download is a small app that runs in the xposed settings. To inspire many changes and options, you will be able to install a custom computer memory continuously. However, in that case, you have to leave the simplicity, stability, and reliability of stock Android. Do not you think it would be great if your device gets all the benefits from routing?

The Expedition Framework is an outstanding development that gives you all this. It’s easy to set up and configure. Apart from this, a large number of modules are already available for this, so you do not have to worry about it. These modules bring practicality and optionally that require custom ROMs or completely different modes. Also, check the WhatsApp for robots.

Best Xposed Modules Download Frameworks for Android

Well, these are 20 best and they should disclose the module download that every Android user tries. These are framework modules that can make your smartphone life easier than ever. Let’s jump into the modulation world and find them. Also, read the best logo maker apps for Android.

Gravity Box

xposed modules download

The Gravity Box is one of the best Exposed modules download for Android devices, which is designed primarily for AOP based ROMs. This is the best module for AOP ROM because most features of Gravity Box are designed by default in Signage Mode ROM.

There are plenty of awesome changes available in the Gravity Box, which include LockScreen Tweaks, Statsbar Tweaks, Navigation Bar Tweaks, Power Tweaks, Display Tweaks, Phone Tweaks, Media Tweaks and other great changes. So it is alone enough to cover very good changes on your root Android device.

In various automaton versions there are completely different APKs for gravity box, thus I am providing links to all the automaton versions as well as a link to move the gravity box for jellybean, lollipop, and KitKat.


xposed modules download

XuiMod is another of 2016’s best-exposed modules download through which you can add awesome modes to stock ROMs. It provides a collection of so many unique features of many custom ROMs.

XuiMod is the best module for those who have installed stock ROMs on their device and want custom ROM features without flashing their ROM. And it does not work on custom ROM only, if you are on custom ROM, you can add more features to your device with the help of the XuiMod module.

You can access many awesome options on this completely custom ROM by a module. Below I provided the transfer link for the XuiMod module.

Bright Lockscreen

xposed modules download

The bright lock screen is an Exposed module designed to make your lock screen with an awesome interface. No one loves Android’s default dark overlay on the lock screen and there is no substitute for changing its appearance in Android devices.

So this is the best module to reach this fantastic feature of any android mobile. With the help of this module not only are you able to have the dark overlay of the lock screen, but make it more clean and simple? Then change your ugly dark overlay of the lock screen and make it cool and easy with the help of this awesome module. Below is the download link to download this module.

Flat-style colorful bars

xposed modules download

The flat-style colorful bar is the 2016’s best-exposed module Download to design your position and navigation bar with cool colors.

The default features of our Android only provide black color in our position and navigation bar, which looks so ugly, so with the help of a flat-style colorful bird, changing the position and navigation bar in different colors will make your device a great new look. Are capable. Module It offers many more features to give our position and navigation bar different styles. You can download this module from the link below.


xposed modules download

XPrivacy is a very useful top xposed modules download that should be on every Android device. This prevents our application from leaking privacy sensitive data. This is the best-exposed module download to secure all your data by leaking it through apps installed on your device.

For example, your contact and device location. If you can restrict access to your contacts and location, Xprivacy will send an empty contact list to the apps installed on your device and show fake location to those who need a place to work. Therefore, this can be the most effective application for applications to limit access to your sensitive information. You will move the Xprivacy module with the link below.


xposed modules download

Greenify builds your device cleaner by recognizing and stopping apps running in the background and they are not in any use on your device. It closes unnecessary apps that are not in use and your device helps to save battery.

It has an automated hibernating feature that automatically works to make your Android work easier. First of all, you will need to install the Greenify app from the Play Store, and after that, the xposed modules download works on your module to allow the tick mark to work.

Increasing battery expander

xposed modules download

If your device’s battery is flowing very fast and you are concerned with it, then this is the best-xposed module download for your Android. After updating our device to a new Android version like Lollipop, Marshmallow, the device turns out the battery so soon.

In the above module, we shared the Greenwich that also saves your battery life, but if you want the maximum benefit for your battery life, then I recommend using amplifier + green figs on your phone. An amplifier app that takes care of Wilcox.

Some apps prevent our device from entering deep sleep and that is why, when we fully charge our Android and leave it for an hour, what we see, its battery is only 50% is left. WTF !! Where is the 50% battery without using anything? Therefore, the Ampicillin allows us to stop applications when our mobile is in deep sleep. You can download this app from the Play Store.

Swipe back

xposed modules download

Swipe back allows you to go to your previous screen without pressing the back button on your device. Navigating the Big Screen Device interface is easy. It handles your back button feature and whenever you want to go back, just swipe your screen from left to right and you have reached the back screen. This means that it changes your back button.

Well, as we’ve found, it creates problems in apps that already have a swipe feature, so we recommend turning it off in those types of apps. All you have to do is download the module from the link below, install it and activate it in xposed modules download.

Boot Manager

xposed modules download

Some apps automatically create their settings to open and whenever we restart our device, boot takes longer because of that type of app. Even by running themselves in the background, they also waste our battery power. You can avoid it with Boot Manager.

All you have to do is select the apps that you do not want to start automatically and reboot your device. This app leaves the app as long as they do not need it, so it also helps in saving your battery life. You can download it from the Play Store for free.

Awesome Pop-Up Videos

xposed modules download

This Marshmallow, KitKat, and Lollipop are one of the best-xposed modules download for android phones. As you can read its name, they have a great feature for those who want to do multitasking on their device at the same time. This enables you to play video in a pop-up window while you are doing any other work on your phone.

This suggests a video for you and you can use it on the YouTube app to watch a YouTube video while you are using another application. For this, you have to open the video, click on the stock and select the amazing pop-up video from the list and be done. Download it from the Play Store for free.

Apps Settings

xposed modules download

As you can see its name, it is the master of all the application settings installed on your device. This will show you all the settings of each app, such as language, what permission they need, what is the DPI for the rendering, and many more, you can change those values on a per-app basis.

Using this module, you can change more settings, font scale, hide title bar, dpi and screen size, notification priority, disable full-screen keyboard input, keep screen when the app is visible, etc. You can download the module in one click single click from the link below.

Xblast Tool

xposed modules download

Xblast Tool is the best-xposed modules download for customization lovers. This allows you to change the color of different indicators in your device. By entering this open module, you will be able to choose the custom color for wireless fidelity signal, network signal, keyboard background, battery, clocks and additional. You will be able to make your automaton colored with Xblaslt module. Let’s move it from the link below and see it.

Youtube ads

xposed modules download

Do you want to watch videos on YouTube? So, this is best for you. What this Exposed Framework module download can do, it ignores all unwanted advertisements, notices, download requests, updated requests, and videos while watching. When you are using YouTube with this module, you will be completely rid of all types of ads.


xposed modules download

This xposed module download helps you remember the passwords of all the WiFi networks that you have connected to your Android. After installing it, you are free from the pressure of remembering the password of WiFi Network Store in your mobile.

Body Button Music Control

After installing this xposed modules download, you can control the music player of your mobile with the camera and volume buttons. There is no need to try to open the music app again and again.


No one likes to see their notification bar filled with unwanted notifications. right? Ok, so let me introduce the Notify Clean Exposed Module Download with you. It helps to clear all the notifications in the notifications bar with a simple and quick tap. There is no need to worry about how many notifications pop up in the bar!

Exped Torch: Physical Button

When you are in any dark place, your mobile torch is very helpful. There is a wonderful xposed modules download that can make this work much easier. Now, there is no need to touch your phone screen to open flashlight. Long press your volume up or home button to turn on and off your device torch using this Exposed module.

Final Words

This is all about Top Best xposed modules download [updated 2018]. Hope you like this article and not hesitate in sharing with others.

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