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ABOUT: Success is at your fingers, so browse Gurukal Portal and be a part of our efficient and highly experienced team. Browse your all over score, compare and work on the things where you are lacking the most.

Gurukul Portal works with one single goal to work minutely at present for the betterment of the future. "Every weakness contains within itself a strength." And we recognize those minute weaknesses to make it your strength. We provide absolute clarity of concepts as we believe that for a strong building there should be a strong base to hold. Here the teacher and the students can login and submit their questions and answers respectively. There is 100% transparency in our work. We not only provide analytical report showing one's performance but one can even find answers to their queries. We provide all the services of a school or a coaching institute at your doorstep. We create a healthy and stress free learning environment where students can learn according to their syllabus and curriculum. Learning becomes a productive thing that could be easily done on your tablets, mobile phones or laptops. This portal caters to the services for 24/7. Gurukul portal can even easily be accessed by the parents and is a learning partner to the students.

  • YEAR 2017


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